Friday, June 3, 2011

In the beginning . . .

there was a blog by a very obnoxious and disingenuous woman. Yep that's the word I've been looking for all day to describe this person. You see . . . my son has Down Syndrome and every person I've met, every stranger, every new friend, every therapist, has insisted that I read this particular persons blog. And so I did. And in the beginning there was light and I decreed it good. But then I kept reading and reading and . . . well you get the point. Anyways it was tiresome. No ones life is THAT good. There isn't that much perfect in the world to go around. No one just "enjoys the small things". Hence the title of my blog. Enjoying the small, sometimes very messy things - I couldn't fit the very up there so now you know there was a very in there.

So what does enjoying the small yet messy things mean? It means relishing in moments as a mother or even as a person that I never would have thought to have before. I means cuddling on a very small couch with your toddler child as they cough and wheeze and hack their way through sickness. It means letting your child get dirty and have fun just because they CAN. Eating chocolate chip cookies on the couch and not worrying about getting it dirty. Watching your child pick up an ant and eat it without cringing . . . because hey the protein is good for them right? Eating ice cream and letting it drip all over without reaching for a wipe. It's hard but the moments are there.

For me it means sitting in the ER for endless hours through croup, pneumonia, throat infections and so much more. To waking up to two out of four of my mothers days with my son vomiting all over me. To laughing at the endless amounts of doctors appoints on my calendar and to looking forward to all of the good days to come in between.

The truth is I'm not about to pretend my life is perfect. I don't take perfect pictures . . . I take them of my son crying, with tears and boogers and all the bad. Because those bad parts make up life as well. Life wouldn't be the same without all that stuff. We can't have constant good. That would be boring, that would be too easy. How would I know how great my life is if I didn't go through the bad? How would I know how awesome my son Seth is if I didn't fight and struggle all the way? I wouldn't. That would be a terrible feeling to lose. Triumph, joy, elation, progress - those words mean nothing without the small, yet very messy things in the middle known to most as "the bad".


  1. You know I'm not fond of the fake either. No one's life with kids (t21 or not) can be that perfect. But I guess 13000+ people wouldn't tune in to her putting a red shirt in with the whites. Maybe they would. Ask the meanest mom

    I love that you've started this blog to document all the wonderfully messy, sometimes incredibly frustrating moments of your life. You're an incredible woman who is as true as the day is long.

  2. Willow, your strength and grace amaze me. Seth is a beautiful boy and he's so lucky to have you guys as parents! Love ya!

  3. Jennifer - aww ty! I think that is why we became fast friends - I think you are a real person too, one that I can relate to. I'm sick of having friends with perfect lives . . . mine surely is not!

    Luna- awww ty!! Drew is a good dad - he was one of the only dads in the ER with us last night. We are blesses as a family to have each other.