Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Alike Than Different

I picked up this idea from another blog . . . what do I want Seth to take from me and my SO, what qualities/loves/skills do we want him to have?

I want him to have our love of science fiction/fantasy . . . particularly Star Wars!!!!!!! We are getting him started by introducing the original trilogy and watching it a lot - Seth approves!!

I want him to have my love of reading. Not even my love, my absolute undying passion for books and reading and knowledge and learning. I want him always to be eager to learn.

I want him to have SO's love for technology. Technology is such a big part of our world now and I want him to be part of that. I think he already is with his Ipad!!

I want Seth to have our sense of humor, our lightheartedness and the ability to laugh things off. He already seems to have that!!

His blue eyes. I know he already has them but when I was pregnant and heard he had DS, I thought "I know he had DS but please God let him have blue eyes". SO is Italian, I'm Irish and I wanted him to have the Irish blue eyes, it was just my thing.

"Please God let him look like us" . . . . ummm that one didn't work out as well. Seth looks EXACTLY like me - and me alone. I'll take it!!! Down Syndrome does NOT mean that a child will not look like their parents.

Seth has my father's face shape, my brother's eyes, my coloring and everything else from me since I look quite like my dad!!

Some things that Seth didn't get from us:

His love of playing instruments. Now we love music in this house, particularly rock/metal, and Seth loves it as well, but SO and I don't play instruments. But we love it that Seth does/wants to!!!

Seth's dancing skills. . . . we don't dance. . . does head-banging count??? I didn't think so!

Seth's social nature. SO and I are not very sociable people. We have our friends and we keep to them. We don't hate people. . . wait SO would said he does, so let me rephrase - we don't hate all people, we are just introverts. But Seth - Seth loves EVERYONE!! He thinks everyone is cool. I actually have been more social due to Seth and his ability to charm his way into anyones heart.

So what is this post about??? Seth is more alike anyone than different. He takes so much from us, but he also is his own person. Down Syndrome does not determine who Seth is. He is who he is regardless of Down Syndrome. Mostly he is a very well loved and respected part of our family. He has his own thoughts and ideas and wants and needs.

Seth is more like you and methan most people would ever know.

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